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May 20, 2024 Events

Join us at Lady Libertine in Edinburgh on Wednesday, May 22nd to celebrate International Paloma Day!

Discover the rich history and diverse flavours of the magical agave plant, and its significance in Mexican culture. Witness exciting brand bar takeovers, captivating category updates, and learn more about the journey of agave from soil to glass.

Savour a curated selection of standard, premium and super premium agave spirits, expertly crafted by passionate artisans. Learn about the meticulous production processes that transform agave into these exquisite libations, all the while guided by knowledgeable brand connoisseurs who will share their insights and expertise!

Though there are numerous cocktail drinks available, there is always room for one more — especially if the drink is as delicious as a Paloma! Made with grapefruit soda, tequila, and some lime, this refreshing alcoholic beverage has long been the national drink of Mexico. Though consumption of this drink is not as popular outside of the USA and Mexico, the rest of the world is slowly catching on to its tangy flavours, after World Paloma Day was founded in 2019. This special day is celebrated in recognition of the famous Mexican drink and it’s unique taste.

Brands joining us at Lady Libertine in Edinburgh this Wednesday include Pensador, El Jimador, Cazcabel, El Sueno, and Patron. Don’t miss the chance to taste these premium brands and talk to the knowledgeable teams behind them – sign up now for our Inverarity Morton Agave Takeover at Lady Libertine on Wednesday 22nd of May, 4pm until 8pm. *This event is password protected, please contact your IM Account Manager for registration access and further information.

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