The Pitmaster


The Pitmaster

A collaboration with winemakers in Limestone Coast, Australia, we developed The Pitmaster Shiraz and Viognier in 2015 to fill a space in the market for wines to complement the rich and spicy flavours of deep south BBQ cooking.

The wine names took inspiration from the men who turned BBQ cooking into a craft: the pitmasters were guardians of the BBQ, men who mastered a style of cooking that was born out of necessity.

As our first branded release, The Pitmaster wines tap into what is a trending food style and an extension of the thriving street food scene that is embracing all cultures and all cuisines. The wines are designed to stand up well to the robust, smoky flavours in the food.

The Pitmaster Viognier: a fresh and fruity style with a dry finish and a hint of aromatic fruit that balances well with lightly spiced and smoked fish and white meat.

The Pitmaster Shiraz Viognier: lots of vibrant dark fruit notes whilst the addition of the Viognier adds perfumed notes that work perfectly with BBQ lamb, pork and beef.

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