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Drygate Brewery, Glasgow

Drygate is the UK’s first experiential craft brewery and It is our intention to collaborate, curate and cultivate. We encourage you to get involved and join us on the adventure…

This range embodies the Drygate ethos of brewing fearlessly to achieve the exceptional. Our resident brewers have perfected three unique beers, taking the best technique and know-how around, sourcing the finest ingredients and setting the Drygate standard. This is just the beginning. Try all three, join us on our journey. Savour the taste of the exceptional.

Name ABV Pack
Drygate Brewery Gladeye IPA 5.5% 8x500ml NRB
Drygate Brewery Bearface Lager 4.4% 8x500ml NRB
Drygate Brewery Outaspace Apple Ale 5.7% 8x500ml NRB