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Eden Mill Brewery, St Andrews

Our head brewer and his team wanted to create cask beers that would complement the flavours of the barrels and use the best local barley and ingredients sourced from the bountiful Kingdom of Fife. From this pure and simple ambition, Eden Brewery began.

While our experience, knowledge, range and number of awards have grown over the years, our production runs haven’t. We have remained true to our founding principle of lovingly creating and crafting small-batch beer to an appreciative, select audience.

Name ABV Pack
Eden Mill Clock Traditional Scottish Ale 4.3% 24x330ml NRB
Eden Mill St Andrews Blonde Ale 3.8% 24x330ml NRB
Eden Mill 19th Brew Golden Ale 3.9% 24x330ml NRB
Eden Mill Seggie Porter 5.2% 24x330ml NRB
Eden Mill Shipwreck IPA 6.2% 24x330ml NRB
Premium Oak Wood Matured Beers – available on request
Eden Mill Rum 6.6 7.4% 24x330ml NRB
Eden Mill Bourbon 6.6 7.4% 24x330ml NRB
Eden Mill Whisky 6.6 7.4% 24x330ml NRB
Eden Mill Islay Whisky 6.6 7.4% 24x330ml NRB