Craft keg, can, bottle; draught ales; premium bottled ales; even cider, we’ve got it all covered with a range of over 200 beers, brewed near and far.

Low / Non Alcoholic / Gluten Free Beers

Name ABV Pack
Becks Blue Alcohol Free Lager 0% 24x275ml
Brewdog Nanny State, Low Alcohol Beer 0.5% 24x330ml NRB
Brewdog Vagabond, Gluten Free Pale Ale 24x330ml NRB
Budvar Non Alcoholic Lager 0% 24x330ml
Cobra Alcohol Free Lager 0% 24x330ml
Estrella Galicia Lager 0.04% 24x250ml
Estrella Damm Daura Gluten Free Lager 24x330ml
Kaliber Alcohol Free Lager 0% 24x330ml
Tennents Hee Haw Lager 24x330ml



Non-Alcoholic Cider


Name ABV Pack
Kopparberg Non-Alcoholic Strawberry & Lime 0% 8x500ml
Kopparberg Non-Alcoholic Pear 0% 8x500ml