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William Bros Brewing Company, Alloa

Our story is one of discovery, legend and a passion for home brewing that has lead us to where we are today. A tale of brothers and a brotherhood of brewers that now span the continents. It is one that we hope may inspire others to follow in our wake and become part of the ever increasing and rich Craft Beer community.


William Bros – Birds & Bees Golden Ale4.3%12x500ml NRB
William Bros – Cock O the Walk Scottish Red Ale4.3%12x500ml NRB
William Bros Midnight Sun Rich, Dark & Spicy Porter5.6%12x500ml NRB
William Bros Roisin Fruit Beer4.2%12x500ml NRB
William Bros Ceilidh 90 Lager4.7%12x500ml NRB
William Bros Good Times Beer – Zesty, Sparkling & Refreshing5%12x500ml NRB
William Bros – Caesar Augustus Lager/IPA Hybrid4.1%12x500ml NRB
William Bros – Caesar Augustus Lager/IPA Hybrid4.1%50L Keg
William Bros – Fraoch Heather Ale12x500ml NRB
William Bros – Joker IPA5%12x500ml NRB
William Bros – Joker IPA5%50L Keg
William Bros – March of the Penguins Smooth Creamy Stout4.9%12x500ml NRB
William Bros – Seven Giraffes Extraordinary Ale5.1%12x500ml NRB

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