Craft keg, can, bottle; draught ales; premium bottled ales; even cider, we’ve got it all covered with a range of over 200 beers, brewed near and far.

World Beers

Cerveza Quilmes4.9%24 x 330ml NRB
Tiger Beer Pale Lager, Singapore4.9%50L Keg
Tiger Beer Pale Lager, Singapore4.8%24 x 330ml NRB
Banks Caribbean Lager4.7%24x330ml NRB
Ten Saints Lager4.8%24x355ml NRB
Blue Moon White Beer5.4%20L Keg
Blue Moon White Beer5.4%24x355ml NRB
St Stephanus Blonde Beer7%24x330ml NRB
Tsing Tao Chinese Beer4.7%24x330ml NRB
Czech Republic
Budvar5%24x330ml NRB
Budvar5%20x500ml NRB
Budvar5%24x330ml Cans
Budvar Premier Select7.4%24x330ml NRB
Budvar Dark4.7%20x500ml NRB
Hob Craft Czech Lager5.1%24x330ml Cans
Kozel Czech Lager4%50L Keg
Krusovice Imperial Royal Czech Beer5%20x500ml NRB
Krusovice Imperial Royal Czech Beer5%50L Keg
Pilsner Urquell4.4%30L Keg
Pilsner Urquell4.4%24x330ml NRB
Erdinger Dunkel Dark Wheat Ale5.6%12x500ml NRB
Erdinger Weissbier (Hefe-weizen)5.3%12x500ml NRB
Furstenberg Premium Lager5.3%20x500ml NRB
Weihenstephan-Dunkel Dark Wheat Beer, Bavaria5.3%12x500ml NRB
Weihenstephan-Kristall Dark Wheat Beer, Bavaria5.4%12x500ml NRB
Weihenstephan Weissbier (blue Label) Golden Yellow Wheat Beer, Bavaria5.4%12x500ml NRB
Cobra Premium Lager5%50L Keg
Cobra Premium Lager5%24x330ml NRB
Cobra Premium Lager5%12x660ml NRB
Cobra King Indian Beer8%6x75cl NRB
Kingfisher Lager, Bangalore5%24x330ml NRB
Kingfisher Lager, Bangalore4.5%50L Keg
Birra Moretti Premium Lager5%24x330ml NRB
Birra Moretti Premium Lager4.8%30L Keg
Birra Moretti Premium Lager4.8%20L Keg
Peroni Nastro Azuro Beer5.2%24x330ml NRB
Peroni Draught5.1%30L Keg
Peroni Draught5.1%50L Keg
Peroni Red4.7%24x330ml NRB
Asahi Lager5%24x330ml NRB
Asahi Lager5%24x500ml Cans
Asahi Lager5%50L Keg
Kirin Ichiban Prime Brew Beer5%24x330ml NRB
Kirin Ichiban Prime Brew Beer5%50L Keg
Corona Extra4.6%24x330ml
Sol Mexican Beer4.5%24x330ml
Windhoek Beer4%24x330ml
New Zealand
Monteiths Bohemian Pilsner5%24x330ml NRB
Monteiths IPA5.5%24x330ml NRB
Monteiths Southern IPA,4.6%24x330ml NRB
Monteiths Southern Ale,5%24x330ml NRB
Alhambra Premium Lager4.6%30L Keg
Estrella Damm Beer4.6%24x330ml NRB
Estrella Damm Beer4.6%24x330ml Cans
Estrella Damm Beer4.6%50L Keg
Estrella Galicia4.7%24x330ml NRB
Estrella Galicia – low alcohol beer0.04%24x250ml NRB
Estrella Damm Daura Gluten Free Beer5.4%24x330ml NRB
Piston Head Kustom Lager4.6%24x330ml Cans
Chang Beer5%24x330ml NRB
Crazy Mountain Boohai Red Ale6%24x355ml Cans
Crazy Mountain Hookiebobb India Pale Ale6.7%24x355ml Cans
Crazy Mountain Mountain Livin’ Pale Ale6%24x355ml Cans
Dogfish Head DNA, New World IPA, UK4.5%12x330ml NRB
Dogfish Head DNA, New World IPA, UK4.5%24x330ml Can
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA24x355ml NRB
Goose Island IPA, Chicago5%12x355ml NRB
Sam Adams Boston Lager4.8%30L Keg
Sam Adams Boston Lager4.8%24x330ml NRB
Sam Adams Rebel IPA6.5%24x355ml NRB

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