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Red Rock Wins Bronze Award at Harpers Wine and Spirit Design Awards 2018

December 19, 2018 Awards

Drinking wine is now an immersive experience, one in which the consumer wants all aspects to be interactive and indulgent. Therefore, the look and feel of your bottle will impact the decision your buyer makes when picking their drink for the night.
Harpers recognise this disruptive factor and has awarded those who have gone the extra mile to ensure their design matches the drinker’s experience. Judges were pulled together globally from the design and drinks trade, where they set the bar high to honour only a few prestigious awards to the top wine and spirit designs of 2018.

The Red Rock range is an Inverarity Morton owned brand and exclusive to Inverarity Morton in the UK. Having long been part of the core range in the Inverarity Morton portfolio, the Red Rock brand in 2018 underwent a major rejuvenation and relaunched with NEW liquids and NEW packaging at Portfolio day 2018. The wines featured in the NEW Red Rock range are sourced from quality vineyards in and around the Central Victoria region of South East Australia. These wines are shipped from the wineries to the UK where they are bottled by one of Europe’s most ecological and sustainable wine companies.
The label has been given a refresh to bring the style into 2018 and beyond. As the brand is ‘Red Rock’, we’ve focused on Ayers Rock also known by its Aboriginal name ‘Uluru’. During design research we found the bulk of Ayers Rock lies underground – similar to a vine who’s roots travel as much underground as its branches do above.

From here, Red Rock’s design and strapline was created: There’s more to this wine than meets the eye.

The label clearly depicts the iconic shape of Ayers Rock with a thick and smooth, varnished line demonstrating where earth meets sky. Textured paper and additional textured varnish depict the ruggedness of the rock, but only above ground – the subterranean rock’s texture is only shown in the artwork. This was a conscious decision to drive the drinker into understanding this hidden treasure themselves. The colour of the underground rock differs with each varietal so as to easily identify with the others, however the Red Rock remains constant.

Red Rock, an Inverarity Morton brand, was proudly awarded the Bronze award for their new and updated label design. Honouring the hard work, thought and dedication that has gone into this design.

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