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Fortified – Back to the Old School

March 27, 2018 News


There are strong signs that the once “old-fashioned” image of Sherry and Port is being cast off and these wines are becoming more popular with younger consumers.

To capitalise on this trend we have become the UK agent for the well-known Garvey range of Sherry. With huge investment in the Bodegas and rebuilt Solera Systems by their new owners, this historic producer has been saved from the ashes and their newly revamped range features striking new labels and much-improved quality, all at a really great price.

Finally, we have become the Scottish agents for Kopke Port. This celebrated and long-established producer still uses retro hand-stencilled bottles and carries stocks of its iconic Tawny Port going back over 100 years.


Founded in 1780 by Irish aristocrat William Garvey, Bodegas Garvey is one of the region’s most famous Sherry producers, with the Jerez bodega producing a wide variety of fortified wines, from straw-coloured Fino to amber-coloured Amontillado and dark mahogany Pedro Ximenez. History tells us that William Garvey was sailing for Spain to buy sheep for breeding in Ireland when his ship was grounded in the Bay of Cádiz and he was rescued by a Spanish naval captain. While recuperating he fell in love with one of the captain’s daughters and decided to stay in Jerez to make his fortune in the wine trade. This he did with the patron saint of Ireland at his side and, from starting by shipping small quantities to Ireland and England, he built the largest bodega in Jerez and named it ‘San Patricio’. When William died, his son Patrick took over the business and in his care the company became the biggest Sherry exporter in the 1840s and 50s. Bodegas Garvey was also the first to market ‘Fino’ (at the time Fino was only used for vinegar production!) and did so with great success.


Established in 1638 by German diplomat Cristiano Kopke and his son, Nicolau Kopke, the House of Kopke is universally recognised as the oldest port wine house still in existence. Kopke is the market leader in Colheita single-year tawnies and, to this day, hand-stencils its bottles as a fine demonstration of the traditional artisan quality and nostalgic appeal long associated with the enjoyment of the finest ports.


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