Our Values

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To establish our position as the best wine provider in Scotland by maintaining our personal relationships with our customers, exceeding their service expectations and delivering the extra mile, whilst driving business efficiencies in how we do things internally

Our Values

We are all about providing the best quality and value for money that we can. We have a team of buyers who will consistently find the best deal. We have an extensive drinks portfolio with a wine list of which we are truly proud.

We buy from source and keep our costs competitive so customers can get more for their money. We run free staff training programmes so customers can get more from their staff.

The wheels of our well-oiled logistics machine are kept turning by a slick warehousing and fulfillment operation that ticks over night and day to get the job done. But what really drives us is a genuine passion for what we do and who we work with. We dedicate time to getting to know our customers. Everything we do is made to order. We measure up. We fit the bill.