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The Wine Chat – Autumn is here

September 13, 2023 Blog

Embrace Autumn: Explore Inverarity Morton’s Wine Selection

As the days of our “glorious” Scottish summer begin to gracefully fade into the embrace of autumn, the next chapter of wine indulgence beckons; just as nature transforms, so do the desires of our customers in both what they eat and what they drink.

The commencement of autumn can be a new and exciting time for all wine lovers and as the next few cooler months progress, the wine drinking public will move from the crisp fresh whites to an exploration of velvety reds and rounder, fuller whites.

For some at this time of year the anticipation of uncorking a bottle of exquisite Pinot Noir intensifies; for them it’s not quite time for the comfort blanket of the bigger bolder styles yet so the delicate balance of red fruit elegance and just the right touch of earthiness, smoke and spice is what they’re looking for.

For others, with the level of chill increasing, the more robust styles come out to play; the all-encompassing hug from a heartier glass is what they’re seeking. In this issue, we focus on Carignan, a variety that captures the essence of a forest floor with notes of blackberries, plums and a subtle dark chocolate richness. A grape variety not often discussed and maybe a wee bit underrated, but when tried is absolutely superb.

With all this talk of reds, don’t be mistaken Autumn is not the time to forget about the whites, for they too have their own seasonal charm. Chardonnays aged in oak barrels evoke comforting aromas of toasted hazelnuts and bursting orchard-fresh flavours. Think of caramelized apple crumble and creamy indulgence create sensory delight – whether traditional from a Burgundian Meursault or a Californian Chardonnay, they will deliver you an autumnal glow.

To take our minds off the driech and depressing rain, this time of year gives us more of an excuse to indulge in a little of something we fancy and dessert wines selections reign supreme. Like the harvest moon, these wines are a rare treasure, embodying the concentrated sweetness of autumn fruits – think of biting into a succulent pear drizzled with honey while sipping a Sauternes – a golden liquid!

So, whether you’re lounging by the fireplace or relishing the crisp air outdoors, wine remains the perfect companion for any autumn occasion. Don’t be shy to amend your list and let it reflect the magic of the season, allowing each sip to transport you to the heart of autumn’s elegance.

For more information on our wine portfolio and new Autumn additions, please contact our Wine Brand Manager, Guy Chatfield